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Making it look easy is part of the job. Teaching you so that it becomes easy, now that is my job! 

There’s no secret ingredient, it takes dedicated time and experience to master the skills I regularly demonstrate

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Are you looking for a professional instructor with accolades to back up their knowledge? Drennan’s no-nonsense & simple approach will bring out the best in your shooting ability.

Over 40 years of experience. 100+ competitive championships worldwide.


You need a firearms certificate issued by the police to possess, buy or acquire a firearm or shotgun. You must also have a certificate to buy ammunition.


You do not need a license to try shooting out, to determine whether or not you like it.

This does have to take place at a dedicated shooting ground where they carry a special exemption certificate which is called Exemption under Section 11(6) of the Firearms Act 1968. This means their instructors are permitted to supervise none certificate holders to shoot.

Anyone coming into the sport, the simple thing to remember is shooting is an outdoor sport. Dress appropriately. 

In terms of equipment, just bring yourself as PPE should be provided by the ground or instructor.

Shooting is an outdoor activity, please dress for the appropriate weather.  I.E waterproof for inclement weather and breathable clothing for warm sunny days

Guns are like being a child in a sweetshop – your favorite gun might not be the ideal gun for your discipline, requirements and ability. With my skill set I will be able to advise you which is the appropriate gun to purchase, based on your budget, ability and characteristics.

Throwing lots of money at a gun is no guarantee that it would be a favourable investment. 

Many assume shooting is a past time for the elite, this is simply not true. Please check with your shooting ground & instructor as prices vary. Shooting is a sport that is not without cost.

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