Ruckley Grange

Simulated Game Day

The Location

Ruckley Estate, Shropshire

Nestled amidst the rural surroundings of Staffordshire, the Ruckley Grange Estate sprawls out over 3,500 acres of breathtaking landscapes, offering an idyllic setting for simulated shooting days. Renowned for its serene tranquility and picturesque views, the estate welcomes shooting enthusiasts to indulge in an experience that marries sporting excellence with the beauty of the English countryside. As guests traverse the varied terrain, they find themselves enveloped in a tableau of scenic vistas that change with the terrains—from dense woodlands to open fields.

The Experience

Simulated Game Shooting

Embark on a simulated shooting day at Ruckley Grange, where the artistry of the sport is elevated by world-class shooting instructors. This experience is more than just shooting, with each drive cunningly designed so that Guns are perfectly spaced, providing both a challenging sport and the opportunity to absorb the tranquil beauty of Ruckley Grange’s natural splendor. With expert guidance on-hand, shooters of all skill levels refine their technique, learning to read the landscape and hone their instincts with varied targets that cleverly mimic different game.

After a day of lively activity, the purpose-built shooting lodge beckons, offering a warm haven where shooters can recount the day’s adventures over a hearty meal in the glow of true rural hospitality. Every simulated game day here promises not just fantastic targets but also an immersion in the estate’s tranquil majesty.

Ruckley Grange Itinerary

What Does a Typical Simulated Day Look Like? 

Breakfast At The Lodge

Introduction, Itinerary & Safety Brief

Drive One

Drive Two

Splendid Elevenses At The Lodge

Drive Three

Drive Four

Drive Five

Dinner At The Lodge










What To Expect From
Ruckley Grange Simulated Game Day

From £300 Per Gun

When stepping onto the stunning 3,500-acre Ruckley Grange for a simulated shooting day, prepare for an immersive experience that excels in every aspect. The day begins in the comfort of our plush shooting lodge, where guests can anticipate a warm welcome and a breakfast made with the utmost care, illustrating our commitment to country tradition & 5-star hospitality and catering.

Beyond the lodge, the estate boasts a world-class simulation setup executed with professional organisation and etiquette, featuring a sprawling range, well-spaced guns, and guided by experienced coaches. The experience provides a diverse range of shooting styles simulated, offering a spectrum of shooting experiences and designed to represent various quarry types.

With each drive, our guests are immersed in a tapestry of challenges and excitement, using real drives to stage various aerial targets, representing a wide range of simulated birds. We’ve taken the time to craft a setup that captures the thrill and finesse of traditional game shooting whilst being kind to the local birdlife.

Accompanied by stunning panoramic estate views, the experience at Ruckley Grange is one that is as visually captivating as it is sportively inspiring. With every simulated game day meticulously designed to provide a memorable shooting experience while emphasising warm hospitality, good food, and stunning surroundings, we ensure each guest leaves Ruckley Grange with memories to cherish.

Different Types Of Days

Public, Private, Corporate

We offer a range of simulated shooting days to cater to various preferences of our guests. Our Public simulated days are intimate and sociable events that welcome individuals and small groups. These days offer an invaluable opportunity for enthusiasts to meet members of the shooting community, all enjoying the thrill of the sport in our splendid environment.

For those seeking exclusive engagement, we host Private simulated days. Tailored to your desired group size and shooting preferences, these bespoke days can be designed to feature your preferred selection of quarry types to test your shooting skills amidst the serene beauty of Ruckley Grange estate.

Rounding out our offerings are the Corporate simulated days, perfect for team-building exercises, client entertaining, or simply an exciting day out of the office. These packages intertwine the traditional country sport with 5-star catering and are meticulously organised by our professional team. With gorgeous estate views and a friendly atmosphere, we ensure remarkable experiences.

How To Book

Quick & Simple

Booking your simulated shooting day at Ruckley Grange Estate is a simple and streamlined process. To secure your spot on one of our prestigious simulated days, select your preferred date on the form below and then fill out the form with the necessary details.

This form will prompt you to specify the number of participants and leaves room for you mention any special requirements you might have. Don’t forget to detail any dietary preferences for the meals provided in our shooting lodge. Once the form is completed, submit it along with your deposit payment to confirm your reservation.

For further assistance or if you have any inquiries, contact us via the provided email or telephone number on our contact page. We pride ourselves on personal service and will ensure a swift response to finalise the details of your booking and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question? Contact us directly.

Yes, at Ruckley Grange Estate, even though we use clay pigeons as targets for the simulated game shooting days, a valid shotgun license is required.

This ensures that all participants are familiar with the usage and safety protocols of handling a firearm. Although actual live quarry isn’t involved, we believe that appropriate certification helps maintain safety standards and a responsible shooting environment.

The dress code for a simulated game shooting day at Ruckley Grange maintains tradition while considering comfort and safety. Participants typically dress in smart country clothing which includes a shooting vest or jacket, shooting trousers, and waterproof boots due to the variable British weather and outdoor nature of simulated shooting. Ear protection, eye protection, and peaked caps or similar for safety are also highly recommended parts of the attire.

It’s worth noting that you should choose clothing with pockets large enough to carry cartridges. A tie is often worn to maintain the traditional ethos of game shooting, but this can depend on your personal preference. The ultimate goal is to blend tradition, safety, and comfort to ensure you can fully enjoy your day at Ruckley Grange Estate.

A suitable vehicle for attending a simulated game shooting day at Ruckley Grange Estate should be capable of handling country roads, and potentially, off-road conditions, depending on the weather.

Therefore, a four-wheel-drive vehicle such as a SUV or a Land Rover is commonly recommended. These vehicles offer better traction and stability on potentially muddy or gravelled paths, ensuring less potential for getting stuck and greater access to the estate’s premises. However, if you have concerns about your vehicle’s suitability, please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand.

For a simulated game shooting day at Ruckley Grange Estate, you will need to bring the following equipment with you:

  • Shotgun: Ensure it is cleaned and in good working order. Over-and-under or side-by-side shotguns are both suitable.
  • Cartridges: Bring enough cartridges for the day. The number may vary but 250-300 cartridges are common for a full day’s shooting. The cartridges need to be either  fibre or greencore wad.
  • Shooting Attire: This includes a shooting vest or jacket, breeks or trousers, a shirt, tie (optional), waterproof outerwear, and durable boots or wellingtons.
  • Safety Equipment: Always have ear protection and safety glasses. A peaked cap or hat to shield your face from debris is also advisable.
  • Cartridge Bag: This will hold your cartridges and any other small items you may need throughout the day.
  • Personal Items: Include sunscreen, insect repellent, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Depending on the weather, you might also need layers for warmth or a raincoat for wet conditions.

When participating in simulated game shooting days, it’s common to engage in more frequent shooting than you would on a traditional game day. With this in mind, the notion that ‘bigger is better’ doesn’t necessarily apply when selecting cartridges for this activity.

We recommend opting for lighter loads, specifically cartridges ranging from 21 grams up to a maximum of 28 grams. These sizes provide a comfortable shooting experience without compromising performance, especially given the volume of shots typically taken on a simulated day.

Additionally, to align with environmental considerations and preservation of the natural beauty Ruckley Grange has to offer, it’s essential that your cartridges are either fibre or Greencore wads. No other shells are permitted.

Absolutely, beginners are indeed welcome on our simulated shooting days. These events are designed to replicate the experience of a traditional game shoot but without the use of live quarry, making it an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn shooting skills in a controlled environment.

Simulated days follow the structure of a driven game day, providing an authentic feel of the sport with the added benefit of being more accessible to those new to shooting. The focus is on enjoying the sport, enhancing shooting technique, and participating in a social event that celebrates the traditions of shooting.

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